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Introducing the Logical Solution to Leveling Your 5th Wheel or Gooseneck Trailer


Low-Sider Truck Beds



Chevy Silverado with Low Sider bed on right. Chevy Silverado with stock bed on left.


Available immediately for Chevrolet Dual Wheel Pick-Ups

Coming Soon for Ford and Dodge



  • Side-rails 6 inches lower than stock bed height
  • High tech composite construction
  • Will never rust 
  • Utilizes original tail lights and bumper
  • Choice of tail gate styles


Why Do I Need a Low Sider?

  • Standard bed rail height on late model pick ups is too high to accommodate a 5th wheel or gooseneck trailer at the proper ride height
  • Unsafe and potentially hazardous conditions prevail when your trailer is not towed level
  • An un-level trailer can cause premature tire wear and/or bearing and axel failure
  • The only way to achieve a level riding trailer is to lower the bed rail height 
  • The Low Sider solves the problem because its bed rail height is 6 inches lower than your stock pick up body


 Note to Horse Owners - an un-level trailer causes your horse to travel in an uphill position thereby increasing stress on your long journeys


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